Online SIP Calculator: Check Systematic Investment Plan Returns

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Welcome to our innovative SIP Calculator, an indispensable financial tool designed to simplify your investing journey. We understand the challenges that investors face while planning their financial future, especially when deciphering complex calculations and long-term projections. That’s why we have designed our SIP calculator to make your investment journey a smooth one.

Our Online SIP calculator is an ideal solution to help both seasoned investors and novices alike, accurately calculate the returns on their SIP investments in mutual funds, PPF, VPF, NPS, and Fixed Deposits.

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SIP Calculator – Systematic Investment Plan Returns

By providing an immediate, clear, and comprehensive view of your potential earnings, our calculator helps you to make informed decisions about your SIP investments, as you craft a tailored strategy to meet your long-term financial goals.

This user-friendly tool not only simplifies your calculations but also saves time, enhances your understanding of SIP investments, and empowers you to plan your finances more effectively.

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How to Use the SIP Calculator

  1. Input Your Investment Information: On the main page of the SIP Calculator, you’ll see two input fields: Monthly Investment Amount and Number of Years. In the ‘Monthly Investment Amount’ field, enter the amount you plan to invest each month. In the ‘Number of Years’ field, enter the number of years you plan to maintain your SIP.
  2. Calculate Your Returns: Once you’ve entered your investment information, click the ‘Calculate’ button. The calculator will display a table with your expected returns for each investment category. Each row of the table represents a different investment category and contains three columns: Investment Amount, Expected Return in %, and Maturity Amount. The ‘Investment Amount’ is the amount you plan to invest each month, the ‘Expected Return in %’ is the expected annual return for that investment category, and the ‘Maturity Amount’ is the total amount you’d have after the number of years you specified, assuming the specified annual return.
  3. Adjust Expected Returns: You can adjust the ‘Expected Return in %’ for each investment category to see how different rates of return would affect your investment. Just click on the ‘Expected Return in %’ value you want to change, enter a new value, and click ‘Recalculate’ to see the new results.
  4. Compare Investment Categories: The table is sorted by ‘Maturity Amount’, with the investment category offering the highest returns at the top. This makes it easy to compare the potential returns from different investment categories.
  5. View Maturity Amount Graph: Beneath the table, you’ll see a bar graph that visually represents the ‘Maturity Amount’ for each investment category. The bars are color-coded, with green representing the highest returns and red representing the lowest.

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