Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio in 2024 – Net Worth, Investment Strategy and Personal Details

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Nemish Shah is the co-founder and director of Enam Holdings and a well-known investor in India. In this article, let’s have a look at Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio.

Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio
Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio

According to Enam Holdings, Mr. Shah is a pioneer and leader in various industry initiatives. He is also a devoted philanthropist.

He started the Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME), a non-profit organization established in 2004 with the objective to create and build an excellent institution of higher learning that is grounded in Indian values.

A significant achievement of Shah and his co-founder Vallabh Bhansali was taking Infosys, a leading IT giant, public in 1993. Despite the shares being undersubscribed at the time of issuance, Shah and Bhansali managed to convince people to invest in Infosys.

Nemish Shah has kept a low profile when it comes to appearing on TV shows and in the media for his investment talks. But he is one of the top 10 investors in India.

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Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio 2023

Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.1,269.6 Cr8.90%
Asahi India Glass Ltd.813.1 Cr6.00%
Elgi Equipments Ltd.257.9 Cr1.70%
EID Parry (India) Ltd.98.9 Cr1.20%
Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.84.3 Cr2.60%
Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd.5.5 Cr1.60%
Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio

Lakshmi machine works is the single largest stock in Nemish Shah stocks portfolio which is close to 1250 crores.

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Nemish Shah Personal Details

NameNemish Shah
Age60+ Years
Place of BirthUnknown
EducationB.Com. from Lala Lajpat Rai College, Mumbai University in 1977
OccupationCo-founder and director of ENAM Holdings, a leading financial advisory institution in India
Net WorthApproximately $152 million
Investment StyleValue investing, long-term investing, fundamental bottom-up research
Famous PicksInfosys, Lakshmi Machine Works, Elgi Equipments, EID Parry
Nemish Shah’s Personal Details

Nemish Shah’s Investment Strategy

Here are some key elements of Nemish Shah’s investment strategy:

  1. Emphasis on quality management: Shah considers the quality of a company’s management to be paramount when selecting investments in India. He seeks out management teams that exhibit focus, ethics, and a sound understanding of capital allocation. Conversely, he avoids companies where management raises capital frequently, leading to equity dilution.
  2. Utilization of fundamental bottom-up research: Shah employs a bottom-up research approach to identify well-positioned businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and strong execution capabilities for long-term growth. Prior to investing, he scrutinizes a company’s fundamentals, growth prospects, competitive edge, and valuation.
  3. Focus on long-term investing: Shah prioritizes long-term gains over short-term fluctuations and market volatility. He maintains a patient approach, holding stocks until they realize their full potential. Frequent trading and portfolio turnover are avoided to minimize transaction costs and taxes.
  4. Application of value investing principles: Shah adheres to the principle of investing in what he knows, favoring companies whose products or services he is familiar with. He also seeks out companies with high returns on capital employed (ROCE) and low debt-to-equity ratios. His objective is to purchase stocks at prices below their intrinsic value, enabling a margin of safety.
  5. Diversification across sectors: Shah ensures diversification in his portfolio by investing across various sectors, including automobile, textile, chemical, and IT. He actively seeks out undervalued companies with strong growth potential, often uncovering hidden gems or multibaggers.

By integrating these strategies into his investment approach, Nemish Shah aims to identify and invest in high-quality businesses capable of delivering consistent long-term growth.

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FAQs on Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio

Who is Nemish Shah?

Nemish Shah is the Co-Founder of ENAM, a highly regarded investment firm in India. He played a pivotal role in establishing ENAM as a broking entity in 1984. His expertise and leadership have helped ENAM become one of the most respected names in the industry.

What is the net worth of Nemish Shah?

Nemish Shah’s net worth is over Rs 2500 Crores. As the co-founder and director of Enam Holdings, he is a value investor who prefers to stay low-key. With seven companies in his portfolio, Shah has established himself as a successful investor.

What is the strategy of Nemish Shah?

Nemish Shah’s strategy involves using a bottom-up research approach to identify well-positioned businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and strong execution capabilities. This focused approach aims to achieve consistent long-term growth.

What is the shareholding of Nemish Shah Stocks Portfolio?

As of June 30, 2023, Nemish S Shah holds publicly disclosed shareholdings in 6 stocks, valued at Rs. 2,552.1 Cr. This information is based on the shareholding data filed with the exchanges for that specific date.

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