Top 100 Best Blue Chip Stocks India to Buy: Best Companies in India to Invest

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Blue chip stocks India are considered to be the most reliable and stable stocks in the Indian stock market. These stocks are issued by large, well-established companies with a long history of financial stability and growth.

Blue Chip Stocks India
Blue Chip Stocks India

In India, blue chip stocks have become popular among investors due to their strong fundamentals, steady performance, and potential for long-term growth.

This article will provide you with an overview of the top blue chip stocks India, based on their financial performance, market trends, and expert analysis.

So, let’s explore the Top 100 best blue chip stocks India that you can invest in.

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Top 100 Best Blue Chip Stocks India List in 2024

S.No.StockCMP Rs.P/EMar Cap Rs.Cr.ROCE %Debt / Eq
1Reliance Industr2,993.00292024969.729.140.42
3HDFC Bank1,431.0016.011087047.376.247.39
4ICICI Bank1,080.0017.84758071.256.326.53
5St Bk of India774.3510.02691077.345.213.9
7Bharti Airtel1129.858.47666842.4412.32.81
8Life Insurance1,034.3516.25654226.12148.720
9Hind. Unilever2,417.0055.07567896.2626.550.03
11Larsen & Toubro3,658.0039.73502839.5311.61.56
12HCL Technologies1,650.0028.56447754.7328.260.08
13Bajaj Finance6,595.0029.57407586.2211.774.28
14Adani Enterp.3,336.40101.33380349.979.491.56
15Sun Pharma.Inds.1556.739.91373504.4716.440.03
16Maruti Suzuki11,615.6029.97365197.4414.50.01
17Tata Motors988.9517.97362114.245.952.38
18Kotak Mah. Bank1,724.9519.67342901.926.863.75
19O N G C272.007.48342183.6213.920.46
20Axis Bank1,095.5013.08338019.345.128.88
21Titan Company3773.2597.06334983.925.081.15
23Adani Green1973.1190.08312545.477.817.23
24UltraTech Cem.10148.0545.71292961.6912.910.2
25Adani Ports1,326.1532.54286466.819.531.03
26Coal India449.009.44276706.4970.490.09
27Asian Paints2,854.2050.16273774.2434.370.14
29Power Grid Corpn287.2517.02267159.8813.091.38
30Bajaj Finserv1,609.9032.93256857.7711.284.94
31Avenue Super.3,864.05103.38251446.4820.10.04
32Nestle India2,597.8083.39250468.76135.090.11
33M & M1,965.8521.95244459.1412.691.65
34I O C L171.85.15242602.888.090.69
36Bajaj Auto8063.230.87228333.5126.180
37Adani Power556.009.18214445.7915.80.8
39Jio Financial327.858285.29208292.430
40JSW Steel834.0018.83203950.868.331.11
41I R F C148.7532.2194394.025.328.54
42Tata Steel152.2598.29190061.6812.631.01
43Varun Beverages1447.591.46188080.8927.830.78
46SBI Life Insuran155583.73155692.8615.470
47Bharat Electron206.542.28150946.9229.920
48Grasim Inds2,247.3026.69150174.179.971.47
49Zomato Ltd167147290.39-5.790.03
50Bank of Baroda272.757.47141048.925.1712.78
51Pidilite Inds.2,746.5081.61139689.5623.830.06
53Punjab Natl.Bank126.0518.21138793.864.113.22
54Power Fin.Corpn.415.27.26137020.259.088.73
55B P C L622.554.44135046.856.860.79
56Hindustan Zinc311.2515.79131513.0650.390.84
57Godrej Consumer1,266.1569.22129496.5616.510.23
58HDFC Life Insur.592.383.6127395.559.560.07
59Tech Mahindra1,278.0044.32124805.2722.140.1
60Ambuja Cements618.6537.7122841.9412.620.02
61Interglobe Aviat3,168.7017.03122305.066.9
62I O B64.4548.79121826.034.5311.15
63GAIL (India)184.9515.07121606.489.760.25
64REC Ltd461.009.26121391.619.146.74
65Tata Power Co.379.7035.42121327.0411.741.74
66Adani Energy Sol1,082.00104120696.3110.223.03
68IndusInd Bank153014119064.016.917.06
69Britannia Inds.490555118145.948.590.98
70Hindalco Inds.523.0013117529.4311.340.59
71A B B5,497.5093116496.6330.490.01
72Tata Consumer1,206.0090114911.889.320.09
73Adani Total Gas1,039.50191114325.2720.740.42
74Macrotech Devel.1,171.5566112999.68.760.67
75Union Bank (I)146.958112175.825.0214.76
76TVS Motor Co.2259.866107363.0913.192.03
77Canara Bank587.457106571.085.3315.85
78Eicher Motors3,865.0528105827.2527.350.03
79Dr Reddy’s Labs6,253.0020104305.9126.730.05
81Bajaj Holdings904717100684.059.710
82Havells India15758498702.5922.310.04
83Dabur India540.85495831.8922.730.16
84IDBI Bank87.811894416.834.265.79
85Zydus Lifesci.925.602993689.6214.960.01
86Divi’s Lab.3,515.006793312.219.360
87Shree Cement25738.853992867.78.990.11
88Shriram Finance2,458.051492351.3512.133.77
90Hero Motocorp4,575.002591464.2122.720.04
91Torrent Pharma.2697.656491300.7419.820.67
92NHPC Ltd90.12490505.748.490.77
93Apollo Hospitals6,153.6511288480.0314.50.75
95Mankind Pharma2133.1551.7985451.5420.70
96United Spirits116466.5884663.6520.050.03
97Jindal Steel828.4515.2184509.2114.170.32
98Indian Hotels Co591.0571.984131.9612.580.33
99JSW Energy504.750.4983006.777.281.4
100B H E L236.2582263.753.330.35
Top 100 Blue Chip Stocks India in 2024

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Best Blue Chip Stocks India

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries is one of the largest companies in India and is a leader in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, and telecommunications industries.

The company has a strong financial performance and a track record of stable earnings and revenue growth.


HDFC Bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India and is known for its strong financial performance and stable earnings growth.

The bank has a strong management team and a consistent track record of dividend payouts.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is a leading provider of IT services, consulting, and business solutions.

The company has a strong financial performance and a track record of stable earnings and revenue growth. It also has a consistent track record of dividend payouts.

Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever is a leading FMCG company in India and is known for its strong brands and marketing capabilities.

The company has a strong financial performance and a track record of stable earnings and revenue growth. It also has a consistent track record of dividend payouts.

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What is a Blue Chip Stock in India?

A blue-chip stock is a stock that is issued by a well-established and financially sound company.

These Blue Chip stocks are typically considered to be less risky than other stocks and offer investors a higher degree of stability and dividend income.

Blue Chip stock is a term used by investors which refer to a group of stocks whose market capitalization is among the top 100 companies, usually a market leader in their segment of business, they have a great track record of making profits, Sound financial management, a good record of sales turn over and a great reputation in corporate governance.

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Why Should You Buy Blue Chip Stocks in India?

There are several reasons why you may want to consider buying blue chip stocks in India:

  1. Financial stability: Blue chip stocks are high-quality, well-established companies with a strong track record of financial performance, stability, and growth. This makes them less vulnerable to market volatility and more likely to generate consistent returns over the long term.
  2. Diversification: Blue chip stocks can provide diversification to your portfolio, as they are often from different sectors and industries. This can help to minimize the impact of market fluctuations on your investments.
  3. Potential for growth: Many blue chip stocks have a strong track record of growth and have the potential to generate strong returns for investors over the long term.
  4. Strong brand and reputation: Blue chip stocks are often well-known, respected companies with strong brands and reputations. This can provide a level of comfort and confidence for investors.
  5. Lower risk: Blue chip stocks are generally considered to be less risky investments, as they are well-established and financially stable companies.

The above table contains a list of the top 100 Blue chip stocks in India as of 2023. Best way to find out Blue chip stocks in India is to track the Nifty 50 and Nifty next 50 companies.

The Nifty 50 and Nifty next 50 companies generally have companies which are top 100 companies in India.

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How to Choose Blue Chip Stocks India for Your Portfolio

Choosing blue chip stocks in India for your portfolio can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to investing. However, there are certain factors that you can consider to help you make an informed decision.

Here are some tips on how to choose blue chip stocks India for your portfolio:

  1. Company’s Financial Health: One of the key factors to consider when choosing blue chip stocks is the company’s financial health. Look for companies with a strong balance sheet, positive cash flow, and a low debt-to-equity ratio. This indicates that the company is financially stable and less likely to experience significant fluctuations in its stock price.
  2. Market Position: Another important factor to consider is the company’s market position. Look for companies that are leaders in their respective industries and have a competitive advantage over their peers. These companies are more likely to generate sustainable profits and deliver long-term growth.
  3. Dividend History: Blue chip stocks are often known for their dividend payouts. Look for companies that have a history of paying regular dividends to their shareholders. Dividends provide a steady stream of income for investors, which can be especially beneficial during times of market volatility.
  4. Valuation: It is important to consider the valuation of the stock before investing. Look for companies that are trading at a reasonable price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio compared to their peers. A low P/E ratio indicates that the stock is undervalued, while a high P/E ratio indicates that the stock is overvalued.
  5. Expert Analysis: Lastly, it is important to consult with expert analysts and industry professionals before making any investment decisions. Read up on the latest news and trends in the industry and seek the opinion of experts to gain a better understanding of the market and the companies you are considering.

In conclusion, choosing blue chip stocks in India for your portfolio requires careful research and analysis.

By considering the company’s financial health, market position, dividend history, valuation, and expert analysis, you can make an informed decision and build a strong and diversified portfolio.

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Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks India in 2024

StockCMP Rs.P/EMar Cap Rs.Cr.Div Yld %ROCE %Debt / Eq
Reliance Industries2,993.00292024969.720.319.140.42
HDFC Bank1,431.0016.011087047.371.336.247.39
ICICI Bank1,080.0017.84758071.250.746.326.53
St Bk of India774.3510.02691077.341.475.213.9
Bharti Airtel1129.858.47666842.440.3512.32.81
Life Insurance1,034.3516.25654226.120.39148.720
Hind. Unilever2,417.0055.07567896.261.6226.550.03
Larsen & Toubro3,658.0039.73502839.530.6611.61.56
Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks India in 2024

High-Dividend Blue Chip Stocks India in 2024

StockCMP Rs.P/EMar Cap Rs.Cr.Div Yld %ROCE %Debt / Eq
Hindustan Zinc311.2515.79131513.0624.2850.390.84
Coal India449.009.44276706.495.4170.490.09
O N G C272.007.48342183.624.1213.920.46
Power Grid Corpn287.2517.02267159.883.8813.091.38
B P C L622.554.44135046.853.366.860.79
HCL Technologies1,650.0028.56447754.733.1428.260.08
GAIL (India)184.9515.07121606.482.979.760.25
High-Dividend Blue Chip Stocks India in 2024

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Conclusion on Best Blue Chip Stocks India

Investing in blue chip stocks in India presents a viable opportunity for those seeking consistent returns and long-term growth. Key factors such as financial performance, industry leadership, management caliber, dividend track record, and stock valuation should be carefully evaluated when selecting these stocks.

Prominent examples of Indian blue chip stocks include Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Tata Consultancy Services, and Hindustan Unilever. Despite their strong reputations, it is crucial for investors to conduct thorough research and analysis to make informed investment choices.

FAQ on Blue Chip Stocks India in 2024

Which blue chip stocks India is best?

Determining the “best” blue-chip stock can depend on individual investment goals and market performance. However, as of 2024, some top-performing blue-chip stocks in India include TCS, Reliance Industries, and HDFC Bank. Investors should consider factors like company stability, historical performance, and future prospects while choosing a blue-chip stock.

Should I buy blue chip stocks?

Blue chip stocks are a favorable choice for many investors due to their stability, established performance, and consistent dividends. They are particularly suited for those with conservative investment strategies seeking long-term growth. Before purchasing, consider your financial goals and risk tolerance to ensure they align with blue chip characteristics.

Is Tata Steel a blue-chip company?

Yes, Tata Steel is considered a blue-chip company. As a leading global steel manufacturer with a robust financial performance and a strong market presence, it exemplifies the stability and reliability characteristic of blue-chip stocks, making it a favoured choice for investors seeking long-term, secure investments.

Is Adani Ports a blue-chip company?

Yes, Adani Ports is considered a blue-chip company, recognized for its market leadership, stability, and strong financial performance within the Nifty50 index. As part of the prestigious Adani Group, it garners significant investor confidence and consistently outperforms in the stock market, exemplifying a blue-chip entity’s characteristics.

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