Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks in 2022

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Dolly Khanna is a well-known investor and one of the top female investors in India. She is known for her successful track record in the stock market, particularly in identifying undervalued companies with strong growth potential and holding them for the long term. Let’s look at Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks in this article.

Khanna started her investment journey in the late 1990s and has since built a diverse portfolio of stocks from various sectors. She is known for her thorough research and analysis of companies before making an investment and has consistently generated strong returns for her clients.

Khanna is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and holds a degree in commerce. She is married to Rajiv Khanna, who is also a successful investor and financial advisor. The couple works closely together and shares a common approach to investing, which involves identifying companies with strong management teams and growth potential.

In addition to her investment activities, Khanna is also involved in philanthropic endeavors and supports various charitable causes. She is highly respected in the financial community and is admired for her successful track record as an investor and her commitment to making a positive impact in society.

Dolly Khanna portfolio
Dolly Khanna portfolio

Rajiv Khanna who is husband of Dolly Khanna is the man behind the success of Dolly Khanna’s stock market investment. Dolly Khanna hails from Chennai and had struggles initially in her career. Rajiv Khanna once in IIT Madras said that ‘ ‘He knew nothing about the stock markets and was investing all his money in the FDs’ . Watch the Full interview here –

Rajiv Khanna talk at IIT Madras

Latest Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks latest in 2022

Here is the list of stocks that are part of Dolly Khanna’s portfolio in 2022.

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.84.7 Cr2.60%
Polyplex Corporation Ltd.60.9 Cr1.20%
KCP Ltd.46.2 Cr3.00%
Sharda Cropchem Ltd.45.0 Cr1.00%
Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd.36.5 Cr2.50%
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd.23.1 Cr1.10%
Nitin Spinners Ltd.17.0 Cr1.50%
Manali Petrochemicals Ltd.15.2 Cr1.10%
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.15.0 Cr1.40%
Prakash Pipes Ltd.11.0 Cr2.80%
NCL Industries Ltd.10.5 Cr1.30%
Rama Phosphates Ltd.8.8 Cr1.70%
Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.7.7 Cr1.20%
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd.7.3 Cr3.40%
Control Print Ltd.6.9 Cr1.00%
Tinna Rubber and Infrastructure Ltd.6.8 Cr1.70%
Zuari Industries Ltd.5.3 Cr1.20%
Ajanta Soya Ltd.4.8 Cr1.50%
Aries Agro Ltd.2.5 Cr1.10%
Deepak Spinners Ltd.2.2 Cr1.20%
Simran Farms Ltd.1.1 Cr2.20%
National Oxygen Ltd.62.7 L1.10%
Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks

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FAQs on Dolly Khanna portfolio

  1. Who is Dolly Khann's husband?

    Rajiv Khanna is Dolly Khanna's husband.

  2. How much is Dolly Khanna's net worth?

    Dolly Khanna's net worth is approx Rs 350 crores.

  3. Which stock was Dolly Khanna's first investment?

    As per the talk that Rajiv Khanna gave at IIT Madras, Dolly Khanna's first stock investment was in Satyam computers.

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