Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks in 2021

Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks in 2021

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Dolly Khanna portfolio

Dolly Khanna is a famous investor in the Indian stock market. Since the Rain industries gave stellar returns in 2018 , Dolly Khanna came into limelight as Rain Industries is one of the biggest holding in her portfolio.

Dolly Khanna portfolio
Dolly Khanna portfolio

Rajiv Khanna who is husband of Dolly Khanna is the man behind the success of Dolly Khanna’s stock market investment. Dolly Khanna hails from Chennai and had struggles initially in her career. Rajiv Khanna once in IIT Madras said that ‘ ‘He knew nothing about the stock markets and was investing all his money in the FDs’ . Watch the Full interview here –

Rajiv Khanna talk in IIT Madras

Latest Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks latest in 2021

Here is the list of stocks which are part of Dolly Khanna’s portfolio in 2021.

Rain Industries Ltd.87.8 Cr0.012
KCP Ltd.77.6 Cr0.043
Polyplex Corporation Ltd.55.5 Cr0.01
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.22.8 Cr0.014
NCL Industries Ltd.17.9 Cr0.018
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.16.8 Cr0.011
Nitin Spinners Ltd.13.5 Cr0.012
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.12.9 Cr0.015
Rama Phosphates Ltd.9.3 Cr0.018
RSWM Ltd.7.1 Cr0.011
Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd.5.6 Cr0.013
Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.5.2 Cr0.015
Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.4.5 Cr0.01
Deepak Spinners Ltd.3.9 Cr0.021
Aries Agro Ltd.2.8 Cr0.015
Latest Dolly Khanna portfolio of stocks latest in 2021

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Who is Dolly Khann’s husband?

Rajiv Khanna is Dolly Khanna’s husband.

How much is Dolly Khanna’s net worth?

Dolly Khanna’s net worth is approx Rs 300 crores.

Which stock was Dolly Khanna’s first investment?

As per the talk that Rajiv Khanna gave in IIT Madras, Dolly Khanna’s first stock investment was in Satyam computers.

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