Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio in 2021

Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio

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Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio

Ashish Kacholia is a very well known stock picker in the Indian stock market. He is the Director – Research at Lucky Investment Managers Pvt Ltd. Ashish Kacholia is very active on twitter.

Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio
Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio

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Lets look at Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio

Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio – April 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Vaibhav Global Ltd. 4006.951.54%200.0 Cr
Birlasoft Ltd. 262.152.35%170.4 Cr
Poly Medicure Ltd. 837.21.98%146.5 Cr
Mastek Ltd. 1272.92.88%91.3 Cr
Apollo TriCoat Tubes Ltd. 1183.52.35%84.6 Cr
Religare Enterprises Ltd. 94.953.15%77.4 Cr
Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd. 994.157.21%59.6 Cr
NIIT Ltd. 165.452.53%59.3 Cr
DFM Foods Ltd. 361.62.84%51.6 Cr
Apollo Pipes Ltd. 1019.553.58%47.8 Cr
HLE Glasscoat Ltd. 2400.951.35%42.4 Cr
Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. 394.83.35%37.4 Cr
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. 452.351.08%37.0 Cr
Safari Industries India Ltd. 615.752.67%36.8 Cr
Paushak Ltd. 8298.551.40%35.9 Cr
Acrysil Ltd. 323.254.14%35.7 Cr
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 552.41.02%33.1 Cr
Marksans Pharma Ltd. 541.25%27.5 Cr
ADF Foods Ltd. 925.951.14%21.1 Cr
Vishnu Chemicals Ltd. 297.954.93%17.5 Cr
Beta Drugs Ltd. 1234.63%5.5 Cr
Ashish Kacholia stocks portfolio in 2021

Ashish Kacholia’s biggest investment is in Birlasoft which he has been increasing recently.

Some of the notable investment by Ashish are Vaibhav Global, Apollo tricoat , Apollo pipes which has seen multifold gains in recent past.


What is the total net worth of Ashish Kacholia?

As on February 2021, total net worth of Ashish Kacholia is around 1200 crores.

What is the investment firm name of Ashish Kacholia?

Lucky Investment Managers Pvt Ltd

What is the biggest holding of Ashish Kacholia?

Vaibhav Global Ltd. is the biggest holding in Ashish’ portfolio.

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