Cash Deposit Machine Locator – How to find CDM near you in 2021?

Cash Deposit Machine locator

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Cash Deposit Machine Locator

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is a great tool if you want to skip long queues at the bank specially in PSU like SBI. People often spend anywhere between 1-2 hours just to deposit their money. To resolve the issue most of the banks have started the facility of Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) for their customers.

People find it difficult to locate the CDM nearest to them. But finding CDM is very easy! You can find an address of the nearest CDM online with a click of the button. Before we try to locate the CDM near to you. Let’s firs understand what is CDM.

Cash Deposit Machine
Cash Deposit Machine Locator

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is just like ATM. in ATM, you insert your card to withdraw money but in case of CDM, it’s the opposite. In CDM, you insert your ATM card and then you insert the cash you want to deposit. The CDM will verify the amount you are trying to deposit automatically and deposit the amount in your bank account.

Now that you understand to what is CDM. Let’s see how you can locate the CDM near to you.

How to locate Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) near to your location?

The most simple and easiest method to find CDM near you is to go to google search and type ‘ cash deposit machine near me ‘ . When you type this search term then google will auto detect your location and show the CDMs near to the location where you are. Google will also help you understand how far the CDMs are from your location.

If you want to specifically search for CDM for a bank then you can type the bank name along with the search term. For example you can try :-

  • Cash deposit machine SBI near me
  • Cash deposit machine ICICI near me
  • Cash deposit machine Axis near me
  • Cash deposit machine HDFC near me

Now that you have located CDM near you, lets find out how to use the CDM and deposit your money.

How to use Cash deposit machine (CDM) and deposit cash?

Using the CDM is really easy! Just follow below steps and you should be able to deposit your cash under 5 mins.

  • Visit nearest CDM machine and swipe your debit card in the machine. Enter your four-digit PIN for the validation.
  • You will see various options on the screen like you see in the ATMs. Select the option “Deposit Cash” by pressing on a touchscreen / touchpad.
  • Select account type saving or current. Once you are done with the selection you can start depositing cash into the machine.
  • Deposit notes one by one in deposit slot. You can only deposit 100,200 ,500 and 2000 Rupee notes. The note should be in good condition and shouldn’t be torn. The maximum limit is Rs.49000.
  • Once you select the denomination and press confirm button, the machine will take notes inside for verification. You have to wait for few seconds. After validation of money machine will display the amount of money which you kept inside. If figures are correct press confirm and your account will be credited into your bank account.
  • The cash deposit machine will generate a slip with the confirmation of how much is deposited.

As you read above, The process of using the CDM is really easy and can be by anyone. So now that you know how to use the CDM. Let’s understand what to do if something goes wrong?

What to do if you face problems at Cash deposit machine (CDM)?

In rare situation it may happen that the Cash deposit machine (CDM) is stuck and your money is stuck inside the CDM. In this situation do not panic , There is usually a security person deployed in the CDMs. Seek help from them. If that doesn’t work then call the toll free number(usually mentioned at. the CDMs) and take their guidance on next steps.

If the CDM is stuck due power failures then normally it becomes functional when power is restored. So make sure that you don’t leave the place keeping your money unattended.

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Is it safe to use CDM to deposit cash?

Yes, CDMs are absolutely safe to use. However you need to be careful while you are depositing cash at CDM. You should make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully while operating the CDM.

When does my account reflect the new balance after depositing cash at CDM?

Most of the banks update their records instantly after you deposit the money at CDM. However , there may be few cases where your account may not reflect the cash deposited. In those cases you should wait for few hours for account to reflect the amount deposited by you.

If after few hours if your account is still not updated with the amount then you should contact your bank to seek clarification.

Which banks have CDMs?

Most nationalised banks and private sector banks have CDM installed in most of the locations. Small banks like RRBs/ Co-operation banks may not have CDMs in all locations.

Can I deposit cash in any CDM?

CDMs are bank specific so if you want to deposit your cash for the bank where you have your account then you have to use that particular banks CDM machine to deposit cash.

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