Key things to keep in mind when you start your job career

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Key things to keep in mind when you start your job career

It’s real excitement when someone gets a job and its a once in a lifetime experience when you get your first salary. In this post, we will focus on key things that you should start thinking when you start your career and have an earning from the job.


  • Do not consider your salary is less – Most people their salary is less and they can not spare any money to save!
  • Save whatever you can even if it feels its insignificant – If you even save Rs 500 per month that’s a great achievement.
  • Buy life insurance(Not necessarily LIC!) – Buy term insurance the first day you get your salary
  • Check if you have adequate health insurance– if not buy one
  • Start an NPS account – Believe me, you will thank me for this when you are in your 30s

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