Find out how to invest in mutual funds online in 1 minute

This post was most recently updated on June 14th, 2020

How to invest in mutual funds online?

There are various ways you can invest in mutual funds

1. Direct purchase via the fund house website

All the fund houses have some sort of online presence so you can purchase the mutual fund via their websites directly. If you purchase directly from the fund house then you will be buying a direct mutual fund that has a lesser expense ratio than a regular mutual fund.

2. Via a broker

If you have a Demat account via a broker like ICICI direct, Zerodha, IIFL, etc. you can purchase Mutual fund via these brokers. When you purchase mutual funds via these brokers then you will be buying a Regular mutual fund that has a slightly higher expense ratio than the direct mutual funds. The benefit you get when you buy from these brokers is you can buy any fund house mutual from one place and can manage them easily without having to manage the funds individually from each fund house

3. Via apps like PayTM Money and Kuvera

With the invent of new technology and startups companies like PayTM and Kuvera are allowing customers to buy direct mutual funds directly from their app. So the biggest benefit as a customer you get is you get services like a broker i.e. you can all types of mutual funds from all fund house at one place yet you can buy a direct type of mutual fund which has lesser expense ratio than a regular mutual fund.

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Some of the famous mutual fund house links are as below:-



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