Unlock the Best Side Hustles for Teachers and Boost Your Income Today

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Are you a teacher looking for ways to earn some extra cash without sacrificing your passion for education? Do you want to use your skills and knowledge to help others while also boosting your income? If so, you’re not alone. Many teachers are turning to side hustles as a way to supplement their salaries, pay off debts, save for the future, or simply enjoy more financial freedom.

Unlock the Best Side Hustles for Teachers and Boost Your Income Today
Unlock the Best Side Hustles for Teachers and Boost Your Income Today

But what are the best side hustles for teachers? How can you find opportunities that match your interests, schedule, and goals? And how can you balance your main job with your side gig without burning out?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll show you some of the most popular and profitable side hustles for teachers, from tutoring and coaching to creating online courses and selling digital products. We’ll also give you some tips and resources on how to get started, manage your time, and grow your income.

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Sell your lesson plans

Selling lesson plans is a profitable side hustle for teachers, allowing me to monetize my creativity and hard work.

  • Create original lesson plans or curate from various sources.
  • Sell them online to teachers seeking fresh teaching materials.
  • Earn extra income by providing valuable resources to fellow educators.

Sign up for workshops or platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers to reach a wider audience and maximize your profit potential.

Tutor online or in person

When considering side hustles for teachers, tutoring emerges as a lucrative option due to its alignment with our existing skill set and knowledge base. As educators, we possess the expertise to guide and support students effectively.

  • Flexibility: Tutoring allows me to set my own schedule, providing the freedom to balance this side hustle with my primary teaching role.
  • High Demand: With many students needing extra support, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a significant demand for tutors.
  • Multiple Formats: Whether I prefer online sessions or in-person meetings, tutoring offers versatility to cater to different learning preferences.

By leveraging platforms like Wyzant or Care.com, I can access a wider pool of potential students and maximize my earning potential in this rewarding side hustle.

Prep kids for standardized tests

When considering side hustles for teachers, one lucrative option is helping students excel in standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. Companies such as PrepNow and Varsity Tutors specialize in test preparation, offering a structured curriculum that minimizes preparation time outside tutoring sessions. Here are some key points to consider for this side hustle:

  • High Demand: Standardized test scores are crucial for college admissions, driving a consistent demand for skilled test prep tutors.
  • Flexible Hours: As a teacher, you can leverage your expertise to help students outside regular school hours, fitting sessions around your teaching schedule.
  • Competitive Pay: Test prep tutoring often offers competitive hourly rates, providing an excellent income boost.
  • Rewarding Work: Witnessing students achieve their test score goals can be immensely satisfying and fulfilling.
  • Online Opportunities: Some companies offer online tutoring options, allowing you to work remotely from the comfort of your home.

Helping students conquer standardized tests not only benefits them but also showcases your expertise as an educator. This side hustle can be a rewarding extension of your teaching career, offering an opportunity to make a significant impact on students’ academic journeys.

Teach English as a second language

As a teacher looking to diversify my income, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) online is a smart side hustle choice. Here’s why:

  • High demand: ESL teaching is in high demand globally, providing a steady stream of students.
  • Flexible schedule: I’d have the flexibility to choose my working hours, fitting sessions around my teaching job.
  • Online platforms: With platforms like EF and VIPKid, I can reach students worldwide through live or recorded video sessions.
  • Continued professional work: Teaching ESL allows me to use my expertise in a way that suits my lifestyle and schedule.

Teaching English online as a second language opens up new opportunities for teachers, offering a rewarding side hustle option.

Offer online classes

When looking to diversify income streams as a teacher, offering online classes can be a lucrative side hustle option. Here’s why:

  • High Demand: Online classes have a global reach, allowing me to connect with students from various backgrounds and locations.
  • Flexibility: I can tailor my online classes around my teaching job, making it convenient and adaptable to my schedule.
  • Use Platforms: Platforms like EF and VIPKid offer a seamless way to reach students worldwide and manage online classes effectively.
  • Expand Professional Work: Teaching online provides an opportunity to continue my professional work in a manner that aligns with my lifestyle and goals.

Online teaching is a rewarding venture that taps into my expertise as an educator while offering additional income opportunities.

Coach or supervise extracurriculars

Coaching or supervising extracurricular activities is a fantastic side hustle for teachers. Here’s why:

  • Engagement: Working with students outside of regular classes helps build stronger relationships and fosters a sense of community within the school.
  • Skill Development: It provides an opportunity to develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Additional Income: It offers a way to earn extra money while doing something you enjoy.
  • Resume Booster: Including extracurricular supervision on your resume showcases your commitment to student development.

With extracurricular activities ranging from sports teams to clubs like drama, debate, or robotics, there’s a wide range of options to suit your interests and expertise. As a coach or supervisor, you can make a significant impact on students’ lives while expanding your skill set and earning additional income.

Market your website

As a teacher looking to maximize my side hustles, marketing my own website has been a game-changer in expanding my reach and boosting my income. Here are some key points to consider when diving into this opportunity:

  • Content is King: Creating valuable and engaging content is essential to attract and retain a loyal audience. Sharing educational resources, lesson plans, or classroom management tips can position you as an authority in your field.
  • SEO Strategies: Incorporating SEO techniques in your website content can help improve your visibility on search engines, driving more traffic to your site. Focus on relevant keywords and meta tags to enhance your online presence.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Building a strong relationship with your readers is crucial. Responding to comments, hosting live Q&A sessions, or conducting webinars can foster engagement and loyalty among your followers.
  • Monetization Options: Explore various monetization avenues such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling digital products like e-books or online courses. Diversifying your income streams can lead to financial stability.
  • Use Social Media: Leveraging social media platforms to promote your website and connect with a broader audience can significantly impact your online visibility. Share your content across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach more potential readers.
  • Track Performance: Monitoring your website traffic, engagement metrics, and conversion rates is crucial in understanding what resonates with your audience. Use tools like Google Analytics to gain insights and optimize your strategies accordingly.
  • Stay Consistent: Consistency is key in the digital area. Regularly updating your website with fresh content, staying active on social media, and adapting to market trends can help you stay ahead of the curve.

By implementing these strategies, I’ve been able to effectively market my website, attract a larger audience, and generate additional income streams in my journey of exploring different side hustles as a teacher.

Babysit or become a part-time nanny

Looking for a flexible side hustle as a teacher? Babysitting or becoming a part-time nanny can be a rewarding option. Here’s why:

  • Average rates: $10-16 per hour, providing an opportunity for additional income.
  • Flexibility: Work during evenings or weekends, fitting around your teaching schedule.
  • Expand your skills: Enhance your childcare expertise, which can benefit you in the classroom.

Consider leveraging platforms like Rover, Care, PetBacker, and Wag to connect with pet owners seeking pet sitting or dog walking services.

Embracing a side hustle like babysitting or part-time nannying can not only boost your income but also allow you to make a positive impact on the lives of children outside of the classroom.

Pet-sit or walk dogs

As a teacher looking to diversify my income, pet-sitting and dog walking are fantastic side hustles. With rates ranging from $10 to $16 per hour, these flexible options allow me to earn extra cash while enjoying the company of furry friends.

Here’s why pet-sitting and dog walking are great side gigs for teachers like me:

  • Flexible schedules: I can easily fit in pet-sitting or dog walking gigs around my teaching schedule.
  • Use my experience: My built-in experience with kids makes me an ideal candidate, allowing me to charge higher rates.
  • Easy to get started: Platforms like Rover, Care, PetBacker, and Wag provide easy access to pet-sitting and dog walking opportunities.

By pet sitting in my own home or the owner’s, I can earn extra income doing something I love. Exploring these side hustles for teachers opens up new avenues for financial stability and allows me to make a positive impact outside the classroom.

Become a ref or umpire

If you have a passion for sports, becoming a referee or umpire can be a rewarding side hustle for teachers like myself. It allows me to stay active, earn extra income, and stay engaged in the sporting community.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Flexibility: Officiating sports games offers flexible hours, making it convenient to fit around my teaching schedule.
  • Extra Income: Referees and umpires can earn an average of $25 to $80 per game, depending on the sport and level of play.
  • Networking: Engaging in officiating can also help me expand my network and connect with other professionals in the sports industry.

By officiating games, I not only enhance my income but also stay involved in the sports community, which complements my role as a teacher.

Do user testing

If you’re looking to diversify your income as a teacher, user testing can be a lucrative side hustle to consider. Companies rely on feedback from real users to improve their products, websites, and services. By participating in user testing, I can earn extra cash while providing valuable insights to businesses. Here are some key points to consider:

  • User testing involves providing feedback on websites, apps, and products.
  • It’s a flexible side hustle that can be done remotely and at your own pace.
  • Companies pay for your honest opinions and user experience insights.

In 2020, the national median income for a high school teacher was approximately $62,000. By engaging in user testing, I can supplement my income and gain additional financial stability. This side hustle allows me to leverage my skills, provide valuable feedback, and earn extra money in my spare time.

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Work with local homeschools

When exploring side hustles for teachers, working with local homeschools presents a rewarding opportunity to broaden your income streams and share your expertise outside traditional classroom settings. Here’s how you can effectively engage with homeschool communities:

  • Teach Classes: Offer specialized classes or workshops catered to homeschool students’ needs and interests.
  • Provide Evaluations: Assist parents by providing annual student evaluations or progress reports.
  • Offer Curriculum: Develop and sell educational materials or an ebook for homeschooling families.
  • Collaborate with Local Groups: Connect with local homeschooling networks or groups to understand their needs and offer your services.

By tapping into the homeschooling niche, teachers can leverage their skills and experience to make a positive impact on homeschooled students’ education while earning extra income. This flexible and fulfilling side hustle can complement your teaching career and provide additional financial stability beyond the classroom.

Expanding your professional horizons to include working with local homeschools not only enhances your earning potential but also allows you to make a difference in the education of diverse student populations. Through meaningful collaborations and specialized offerings, you can create a valuable side hustle that aligns with your passion for teaching and learning.

Publish an e-book

When considering side hustles for teachers, publishing an e-book can be a rewarding try. With platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, it’s simpler than ever to share your expertise with a global audience. As a teacher, writing about topics like assessment, classroom management, or project-based learning can resonate with readers seeking valuable insights into education.

Benefits of Publishing an E-Book:

  • Flexibility: Work on your e-book around your teaching schedule.
  • Passive Income: Earn royalties on every download.
  • Global Reach: Share your teaching knowledge worldwide.

E-Book Writing Tips:

  1. Focus on a niche topic to attract a specific audience.
  2. Keep chapters concise and engaging for easy readability.
  3. Use visuals and examples to enhance understanding.
  4. Promote your e-book through social media and education networks.

Open an Etsy shop

When it comes to side hustles for teachers, opening an Etsy shop can be a fantastic option. As a teacher, you can leverage your creativity and skills to create unique products that cater to a wide audience. Here’s why starting an Etsy shop can be a great side hustle for educators like myself:

  • Flexibility: With an Etsy shop, I can manage my business on my own schedule, fitting it around my teaching commitments.
  • Creativity: It allows me to express my creativity through crafting and creating products that appeal to a niche market.
  • Extra Income: Running an Etsy shop provides me with an additional source of income that complements my teaching salary.

Plus to these benefits, Etsy provides a platform that reaches a global audience, giving me the opportunity to showcase and sell my products worldwide. By focusing on niche products, leveraging my existing skills, and promoting my shop through social media and other channels, I can maximize the potential of my Etsy side hustle.

Sell crafts locally

Selling crafts locally is a fantastic side hustle for teachers looking to earn extra income. It allows me to tap into my creative side while flexibly making money. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Local farmers markets and craft fairs are excellent venues to showcase handmade products.
  • By selling locally, I can connect with my community, build a customer base, and receive immediate feedback on my crafts.
  • Average rates on platforms like Etsy offer a good income stream, making it a lucrative option for teachers.

Crafting and selling locally not only provides a creative outlet but also enables me to make a tangible impact in my community. It’s a fulfilling way to monetize my skills and passion for crafting without the need for a full-time commitment.

If you have a craft you love, consider turning it into a profitable venture by selling locally. Whether it’s handmade jewelry, decor items, or unique artworks, there’s a market waiting to appreciate your creations. This side hustle is a great opportunity for teachers to showcase their talents and generate additional income.

Transcribe or caption audio

If you have strong listening skills and attention to detail, transcribing or captioning audio can be a lucrative side hustle for teachers. Many companies and organizations require transcriptions for meetings, interviews, podcasts, and more.

  • Flexibility: You can work on transcriptions during your free time, making it a convenient option for busy teachers.
  • Average Earnings: Transcribers can earn around $15 to $25 per hour, providing a decent additional income stream.
  • Online Platforms: Websites like Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript offer opportunities for transcription work.
  • Training: Some platforms provide training and resources to improve your transcription skills and efficiency.
  • Accessibility: Captioning services are also in demand for videos, making it a versatile option for utilizing your skills.

Transcribing audio not only allows you to earn extra money but also enhances your listening abilities and language proficiency. It’s a rewarding side hustle for teachers looking to make the most of their time outside the classroom.

Drive for a ride-share service

When exploring side hustles for teachers, driving for a ride-share service stands out as a popular and flexible option. Here’s why it could be a great choice:

  • Flexibility: As a teacher, I appreciate the ability to choose my own hours and work around my schedule.
  • Quick Earnings: With average rates of $10 to $16 per hour, it’s a quick way to boost my income.
  • Minimal Requirements: To get started, I need a driver’s license, valid insurance, and registration which are easily attainable.
  • Easy Sign-Up: Simply download the app of your choice, submit the required information, and I’m ready to start earning.

Driving for a ride-share service offers teachers like me the opportunity to earn extra cash while maintaining control over my time.

Deliver food

Considering my experience as a teacher, delivering food has been a top choice for side hustles due to its flexibility and potential earnings. As of May 2021, the average worker in this field makes approximately $12.49 per hour, yet this can increase significantly with tips and location. Choosing reputable apps like UberEats or DoorDash is key to kickstarting this side hustle. On average, drivers for DoorDash earn around $20 per hour – a figure that can vary depending on the area.

Key points to consider when delivering food as a side hustle:

  • Avaliable work flexibility.
  • Potential to earn competitive income.
  • Use of reputable apps: UberEats or DoorDash.
  • Varied earning opportunities based on tips and location.

Delving into the food delivery industry has proven to be an efficient way to leverage my time outside the classroom. This side hustle allows me to set my own schedule while gaining valuable experience and additional income. By tracking mileage and expenses using apps like Stride or Everlance, I’ve been equipped to manage my earnings effectively and prepare for tax obligations.

Shop for others

Shopping for others is a convenient way for teachers to earn extra income as a side hustle. Apps like Instacart and Shipt connect shoppers with busy individuals who need groceries but lack the time or energy to shop. You can choose when you’re available and select tasks that fit your schedule – making it easy to integrate into your daily routine.

  • Flexibility: Decide when to shop and take on tasks that suit your availability.
  • Extra Income: Earn money without dedicating too much extra time.
  • Convenience: Help others with their errands while running your own.

By offering shopping services, teachers can leverage their time effectively while boosting their financial well-being with a convenient and flexible side hustle.

Mow lawns or do yard work

As a teacher exploring side hustles, offering services such as mowing lawns or doing yard work can be a rewarding option to earn extra income. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Flexibility: Mowing lawns or doing yard work can be done outside of regular teaching hours, providing flexibility in your schedule.
  • Physical Activity: Engaging in outdoor work can be a welcomed break from the classroom and a way to stay active.
  • Local Demand: Many individuals in your community may require assistance with lawn maintenance, offering a readily available market for your services.
  • Seasonal Opportunity: Lawn care services are often in higher demand during certain seasons, allowing you to capitalize on peak times.
  • Low Start-Up Costs: Starting a lawn care business typically requires minimal investment in equipment and supplies.

By leveraging your skills and time effectively, mowing lawns or doing yard work can be a practical side hustle to supplement your income as a teacher.

Do handy work

When it comes to side hustles for teachers, offering handyman services can be a lucrative option to explore. Whether it’s fixing leaky faucets, painting rooms, assembling furniture, or other home maintenance tasks, there’s a demand for skilled individuals who can tackle these projects promptly and efficiently.

As a teacher, diversifying income through handy work allows for flexibility outside of school hours. It’s an excellent way to apply problem-solving skills in a different setting and can be especially rewarding for those who enjoy working with their hands.

Consider the following key points when venturing into handy work as a side hustle:

  • Start-up Costs: The initial investment in tools and equipment can vary based on the types of services you plan to offer.
  • Skill Utilization: Leverage your practical skills and attention to detail to provide high-quality services.
  • Client Base: Build a network within your community and seek referrals to expand your customer base.
  • Pricing Strategy: Research local market rates and set competitive prices for your services.
  • Time Management: Balance your teaching commitments with handy work by scheduling jobs effectively.

Embarking on handy work as a side hustle can not only boost your income but also offer a fulfilling way to use your expertise beyond the classroom.

Sell your stuff

Interested in exploring another avenue to boost your income through side hustles for teachers? Consider selling your stuff! It’s a great way to declutter while making some extra cash on the side. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Online Marketplaces: Platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are excellent for selling items you no longer need or use. Take advantage of these to reach a broader audience.
  • Social Media Platforms: Use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to showcase and sell your items. Create engaging posts with high-quality images to attract potential buyers.
  • Stock Photo Websites: If you have a knack for photography, why not sell your images on stock photo websites? This can be a lucrative way to earn passive income from your creative work.
  • Your Own Website: Consider setting up your own e-commerce website to sell your products directly. This gives you full control over pricing, marketing, and customer interaction.

Begin on this side hustle journey and watch your earnings grow while simplifying your living space. Selling items can be a rewarding and profitable try for teachers looking to diversify their income streams.

Average rates for selling items 
Online Marketplaces$19-$25 per hour
Social Media PlatformsVaries based on product and reach
Stock Photo WebsitesEarnings per download
Your Own WebsiteBased on product pricing strategy
Sell your stuff details

Make money from old electronics

Selling old electronics is a lucrative side hustle for teachers looking to earn extra cash. Sites like eBay and Decluttr offer platforms to reach a large audience quickly. By decluttering your home and selling items that may seem obsolete, you can potentially earn a few hundred dollars. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Sign up with eBay or Decluttr to start selling
  • Research prices to ensure you’re getting the best value
  • Check for any minimum requirements needed to start selling

By tapping into the market for old electronics, teachers can easily earn additional income throughout the year. Whether it’s an old smartphone, tablet, or gaming console, there is a demand for second-hand electronics that can fetch a good price. Embracing this side hustle can help teachers boost their finances and create more financial stability outside of the classroom.

Clean houses

When looking for side hustles for teachers, cleaning houses stands out as a lucrative option. Not only is it a great way to earn extra income, but it also offers flexibility in scheduling. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Flexible hours: Cleaning can be scheduled outside of teaching hours, making it convenient for teachers to take on this side hustle.
  • Low equipment costs: Unlike some other side gigs, house cleaning doesn’t require expensive equipment or supplies, keeping initial investment minimal.
  • Deep cleaning services: Many clients hiring professional cleaners are seeking a thorough cleaning of their homes, including tasks like scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, and cleaning windows.

With the potential to earn extra cash while helping others maintain a clean living space, house cleaning can be a rewarding side hustle for teachers looking to diversify their income.

Organize people’s stuff

When it comes to side hustles for teachers, organizing people’s stuff can be a lucrative opportunity. Whether it’s decluttering a home, assisting with downsizing, or helping individuals optimize their spaces, there’s a demand for organization services. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Flexibility: This side hustle allows me to choose my working hours and clients, making it convenient to balance with my teaching responsibilities.
  • Low Start-up Costs: With minimal investment in organizing supplies, I can start this side hustle without very costly.
  • High Demand: Many people struggle with clutter and organization, creating a continuous need for professional organizers.

By offering organization services, I can not only declutter physical spaces but also help improve the quality of life for my clients. It’s a rewarding side hustle for teachers looking to use their organizational skills outside the classroom.

Be a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a great side hustle for teachers. As a virtual assistant, I can offer a variety of administrative services to businesses and individuals remotely. This includes tasks like answering phones, managing social media, and organizing events.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Primary duties: Answering phones, planning meetings, managing social media, and organizing events.
  • Additional services: Providing digital support for website management, copywriting, and email marketing.
  • Work flexibility: Virtual assistants are self-employed and can work on flexible hours.
  • Skills required: Excellent organizational skills and the ability to work independently.

When it comes to pay, virtual assistants make an average of $19.08 per hour. This side hustle can be rewarding for teachers looking to diversify their income streams.

By offering virtual assistant services, not only can I leverage my organizational skills outside the classroom, but I can also expand my professional network and gain valuable experience in different industries.

Work as a local tour guide

As a teacher, venturing into the role of a local tour guide can complement your existing skills and provide an engaging side hustle opportunity. Here’s why this option can be a lucrative choice:

  • Use Local Knowledge: Use your deep understanding of your area to create captivating tours that offer unique insights and experiences.
  • Enhance Public Speaking Skills: Leading tours allows you to enhance your public speaking abilities, a valuable skill that can also benefit you in the classroom.
  • Flexible Earnings: Depending on factors like location and tour length, you may have the flexibility to set your own rates and earn accordingly.

Getting started as a local tour guide can be a rewarding experience that not only provides financial benefits but also allows you to share your passion for your city with others. Consider reaching out to local organizations, attractions, or tour platforms to kickstart this exciting side hustle.

Rent out your house

Renting out your house is a smart side hustle for teachers looking to make extra income. With platforms like Airbnb, you can easily list your space for short-term rentals.

  • Flexible: You control when and for how much to list your house.
  • Financial Benefits: Earn money while you’re away on vacation or have an extra room.
  • Liability Insurance: Airbnb provides coverage for any property damage or injuries.

By leveraging your property, you can turn it into a profitable asset without much effort.

Rent out your extra space

When looking for side hustles as a teacher, renting out extra space can be a lucrative option. Here are a few ways to make extra income by leveraging your property:

  • Use platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo to rent out a spare room or your entire place, especially when you’re away on vacation.
  • Consider partnering with Neighbor to rent out unused storage space like a shed or garage. They provide insurance coverage for added security.
  • Explore renting out a second property on a long-term or short-term basis, furnishing it for tourists, travel nurses, or students.

Renting out extra space can be a low-effort way to generate additional income, taking advantage of the growing market for alternative accommodations. By listing your space on popular rental platforms or with storage-sharing services, you can easily turn your property into a profitable asset.

Share your ride

If you’re considering side hustles for teachers, sharing your ride through popular rideshare services can be a lucrative option. It offers flexibility and the chance to earn quick cash on your own schedule. While working peak hours can be profitable, it’s essential to factor in costs like car maintenance, insurance, cleaning, and gas.

Key points to consider when sharing your ride include:

  • Drivers can make an average of $18.05 per hour according to BLS data.
  • Minimum requirements typically include a driver’s license, a DMV and criminal background check, valid insurance and registration, and a car inspection.
  • Getting started is simple – download the app of your choice, and submit the necessary information to the company.

Remember, as a teacher looking for a side hustle, sharing your ride can be a convenient and financially rewarding option. It’s a great way to boost your income without committing to a traditional second job.

Sell stock photos

When it comes to side hustles for teachers, selling stock photos can be a lucrative option. Many websites and apps allow you to monetize your photography skills, offering potential earnings based on the quality and demand for your images.

  • Stock photography pay varies based on the platform you choose.
  • High-quality and desirable photos can fetch a significant sum.
  • The market is competitive, so it’s essential to produce unique and marketable content.
  • Starting in stock photography can be a gradual process, but persistence can lead to a steady stream of income.
  • Platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images are popular choices for selling stock photos.

By creating a diverse portfolio of images catering to different niches, teachers can capitalize on this side hustle to supplement their income. With the right strategy and consistent effort, selling stock photos can become a rewarding try in the long run.

Take professional photos

Selling professional photos online is a fantastic side hustle for teachers to boost their income. It’s not just about owning an expensive camera; today’s high-quality smartphone cameras allow anyone to capture marketable images. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Diverse Portfolio: Create a portfolio with a range of images catering to different niches. From nature shots to urban landscapes, the key is to produce unique and marketable content.
  • Online Platforms: Use platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images to sell your photos. These sites offer potential earnings based on image quality and demand.
  • Passive Income Opportunity: With the right approach, selling photos can generate a steady stream of passive income over time.

Try FlexJobs

Looking for flexible opportunities to supplement your income as a teacher? Consider exploring FlexJobs. This platform offers a wide range of remote and part-time job listings, making it an ideal choice for educators with busy schedules.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering FlexJobs:

  • Diverse Job Categories: Find various job categories ranging from education and writing to customer service and marketing.
  • Legitimate Opportunities: Rest assured that FlexJobs screens all job postings, ensuring they are from reputable companies.
  • Work-Life Balance: Enjoy the flexibility to choose positions that fit around your teaching commitments.
  • Subscription Model: FlexJobs requires a subscription for full access to job listings, but the quality of opportunities can justify the cost.
  • Avoiding Scams: By using FlexJobs, teachers can bypass common job scams often found on other platforms.

Consider exploring FlexJobs as a viable option for teachers seeking additional income with flexible work arrangements.

Write for WeAreTeachers

If you have a passion for education and like sharing your insights, consider writing for WeAreTeachers. They offer opportunities to contribute articles, lesson plans, and resources. Writing for them not only allows you to share your expertise but also adds to your teaching portfolio.

WeAreTeachers provides a platform to reach a wide audience of educators, making it a great way to connect with fellow teachers and make a meaningful impact in the education community. Also, getting published on their site can enhance your professional reputation and open up networking opportunities.

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Share your teaching strategies, classroom experiences, and innovative ideas with a larger audience.
  • Build Your Portfolio: Having your work featured on a reputable education platform can strengthen your credentials.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with educators from around the world and collaborate on future projects.
  • Professional Development: Writing for WeAreTeachers can help you grow as an educator and stay updated on the latest trends in teaching.

Consider reaching out to WeAreTeachers to inquire about their submission guidelines and requirements. Writing for them could be a rewarding side hustle that allows you to contribute to the education community while honing your writing skills.

Find other freelance writing gigs

When looking for additional freelance writing opportunities to supplement my income and expand my skill set, I always keep an eye out for various platforms that cater to freelance writing gigs. Here’s how I approach finding these opportunities:

  • Explore Online Job Boards: Websites like FlexJobs and Upwork offer a wide range of freelance writing gigs suitable for teachers looking to investigate into content creation.
  • Consider Niche Markets: I often target niche markets that align with my interests and expertise such as education, parenting, or academic writing to find gigs that resonate with me.
  • Pitch to Publications: Pitching article ideas to online publications or magazines related to the education sector not only brings in extra income but also helps me showcase my expertise in a specific field.
  • Network with Other Writers: Engaging with other freelance writers and professionals in the industry can lead to referrals and collaborative opportunities that enhance my freelance writing journey.
  • Use Online Portfolios: Creating and regularly updating an online writing portfolio helps me showcase my work and attract potential clients seeking freelance writers.

Freelance writing provides an avenue for teachers like myself to leverage their writing skills, explore new topics, and generate additional income alongside their teaching commitments. By actively seeking out freelance writing gigs and diversifying my portfolio, I can enhance my professional development while enjoying a rewarding side hustle.

Flip furniture

When it comes to side hustles for teachers, flipping furniture is a lucrative option. I’ve seen many individuals transform pieces they’ve found at garage sales or thrift stores into profitable sales. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Look for pieces in need of TLC at garage sales, thrift stores, or even curbside on big trash day.
  • Flipping items like workout gear, lawn equipment, tools, home decor, or baby gear can also be profitable.
  • Professional flippers, like Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper, earned over $133,000 in a year, dedicating only 10-15 hours a week.

Flipping furniture might require some hands-on work, but the returns can be significant. It’s a flexible side hustle that allows you to unleash your creativity while making extra income effortlessly.

Buy and sell designer brands

When looking for profitable side hustles for teachers, diving into the world of buying and selling designer brands can be a lucrative option. Here’s why this side hustle can be a smart choice:

  • Profit Margins: Reselling authentic designer items can yield high returns.
  • Market Demand: There’s a constant demand for luxury goods, making it easier to find buyers.
  • Low Initial Investment: You can start small by sourcing items from thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces.
  • Flexibility: This side hustle allows you to work at your own pace and schedule, perfect for busy teachers.

Considering the current economic climate and the need for additional income, exploring this side hustle can be a practical solution for teachers looking to boost their earnings. With the right strategies and a keen eye for quality, turning a profit by buying and selling designer brands can be a rewarding venture.

Become a picker

When it comes to side hustles for teachers, one option that can be both enjoyable and profitable is becoming a picker. As a picker, I scour various sources to find valuable items that can be resold for a profit. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Scouring for Treasures: I spend my time visiting thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and online marketplaces to find hidden gems that others may overlook.
  • Knowledge Is Key: Having a good eye for unique items, as well as knowledge about different niches such as vintage clothing, antiques, or collectibles, can significantly boost my earnings.
  • Invest Wisely: It’s crucial to invest smartly in items with high resale value while keeping costs low to maximize profits. Some items may require minor repairs or cleaning before selling them.
  • Selling Strategies: Utilizing online platforms like eBay, Etsy, or local marketplaces can help reach a broader audience and increase sales. Building a positive reputation as a seller can lead to repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Flexibility and Profit Potential: One of the perks of being a picker is the flexibility it offers. I can choose when and where to search for items, making it a suitable side hustle for teachers with busy schedules. The profit potential can be significant, especially when I come across rare or sought-after items.

Being a picker allows me to tap into my passion for hunting down unique items while earning extra income. It’s a rewarding side hustle for teachers who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of turning a profit from hidden treasures.

Tend bar

Working as a bartender at local hotspots can be a lucrative side hustle for teachers looking to supplement their income. You can earn a steady salary with the added bonus of making great tips on busy nights. Plus, if you’re a night owl, this gig might fit right into your schedule.

Benefits of Tending Bar:

  • Earn a steady salary with the opportunity to receive generous tips.
  • Ideal for night owls and those looking for flexible working hours.
  • Local cafes and bars often struggle to fill early morning shifts, making it convenient for teachers to work before school.

By picking up shifts before or after school, you can maximize your earning potential without compromising your teaching responsibilities. It’s a social and rapid job that can add some excitement to your routine.

I’ve found that bartending can provide a fun and rewarding way to earn extra income outside of the classroom setting. If you enjoy engaging with people and are comfortable in a busy environment, tending bar could be a great fit for your side hustle endeavors.

Try house-sitting

When looking for side hustles for teachers, house-sitting can be a lucrative option. House-sitters are responsible for taking care of the owners’ homes while they are away, which can include tasks such as watering plants, collecting mail, and ensuring the property is secure. Here are some key points to consider about house-sitting:

  • House-sitting can provide teachers with a flexible source of income.
  • It allows you to earn money while staying in a new environment, offering a change of scenery.
  • House-sitting can be a great option for teachers during school breaks or holidays.
  • Many house-sitting opportunities offer free accommodation in exchange for your services.
  • Websites like TrustedHousesitters and HouseSitter.com can help you find house-sitting gigs in your area.
  • Reviews and references are crucial for building your reputation as a reliable house-sitter.

Consider house-sitting as a rewarding side hustle that not only helps you earn extra income but also gives you the chance to explore different neighborhoods and homes.

Teach fitness classes

When exploring side hustles for teachers, teaching fitness classes can be rewarding and lucrative. It’s an opportunity to stay fit while earning extra income. Here are key points to consider:

  • Get certified: Investing in certifications like yoga or Pilates allows me to teach diverse fitness classes.
  • Year-round earnings: Teaching evening or early morning classes throughout the school year ensures a steady income stream.
  • Engage with the community: Teaching group fitness classes at local gyms or studios offers a chance to connect with people outside the classroom.

Becoming a fitness instructor not only enhances my physical well-being but also provides an avenue for consistent earnings throughout the year.

Be a camp instructor

Being a camp instructor is a fantastic way for teachers to earn extra income during the summer or school breaks. It allows me to stay active, engage with children, and explore various outdoor activities. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Camp instructors usually have a flexible schedule, perfect for balancing work and personal life.
  • Local camps often hire teachers due to their experience working with kids and managing groups.
  • It’s a rewarding experience that can help me develop new skills and create lasting memories.

Camp instructing provides a fun and fulfilling way to make money outside of the traditional classroom setting. It allows me to share my knowledge and passion for education in a different environment, fostering personal growth and memorable experiences for both me and the campers.

Teach summer school

  • Flexible schedule allowing me to continue impacting students during the summer.
  • Opportunity to work within the same school system and classroom, maintaining existing relationships with students.
  • Summer school teaching offers the chance to witness students’ growth and success firsthand.

Tutoring Stats 
Tutoring demandHigh
Tutoring formatOnline or in person
Earnings potentialLucrative
Impact during COVID-19Significant
Teach summer school details

Consider a home party business

Looking for a fun and social side hustle? Consider a home party business. Hosting parties can be a lucrative venture for teachers looking to earn extra income in an engaging way.

Here are some key points to consider about starting a home party business:

  • Flexibility: Host parties on weekends or evenings, fitting perfectly into a teacher’s schedule.
  • Social Interaction: Interact with new people and build connections while showcasing products.
  • Income Potential: Earn through sales commissions and potentially recruit other hosts for additional earnings.

To succeed in a home party business, it’s important to choose products that align with your interests and personality. Hosting parties can be a great way to supplement your income while enjoying the social aspects of the business.

Remember, success in a home party business often relies on networking and marketing efforts. Use social media platforms and word-of-mouth to attract guests to your parties and increase your sales potential.

Overall, a home party business can be a rewarding side hustle that offers a blend of social interaction and income generation for teachers looking to diversify their earnings.


When it comes to side hustles for teachers, podcasting stands out as a rewarding option. It allows me to share knowledge, connect with a global audience, and engage with like-minded individuals.

Here are some key points to consider when starting a podcasting side hustle:

  • Investment: Acquire quality microphones to ensure clear audio for listeners.
  • Platform: Sign up with platforms like Google Podcasts to distribute episodes widely.
  • Content: Create informative and engaging episodes to attract and retain listeners.
  • Monetization: Explore revenue streams such as sponsorships, affiliate partnerships, and your own products or services.

Launching a podcast offers a creative outlet outside the classroom for teachers who are passionate about their subject matter. It’s an avenue to broaden educational impact and enhance connections with a global audience.

YouTube Channel Host

Starting a YouTube channel can be a profitable side hustle for teachers like me, looking to expand their reach and share valuable content with a global audience. Here are some key points to consider when diving into this side hustle:

  • Content Creation: Creating engaging and informative videos on educational topics can attract a wide audience.
  • Quality Equipment: Investing in a good camera, microphone, and lighting can significantly improve the production quality of videos.
  • Consistent Schedule: Posting videos regularly can help grow a loyal following and increase engagement.
  • Monetization Options: Explore ways to make money through ad revenue, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products.

Launching a YouTube channel can provide teachers with a creative platform to showcase their expertise and reach a broader audience beyond the confines of the classroom.

Start a side job as a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a flexible and profitable side hustle for teachers. With an average rate of $15-$23 per hour, it offers a convenient way to earn extra income while working from the comfort of your home. Platforms like ADTRAV Travel Management, CWT, Ovation Travel Group, and TripAdvisor provide ample opportunities to get started.

  • Flexible Schedule: Work on your own terms and schedule, making it ideal for teachers with busy routines.
  • Diverse Tasks: Assist clients in planning trips, booking accommodations, arranging transportation, and more.
  • Minimal Requirements: All you need is a computer and strong organizational skills to excel in this role.
  • Multiple Opportunities: Explore platforms such as Scribie, TranscribeMe, SpeechPad, CrowdSurf, and Rev to find virtual assistant gigs.

Starting a side job as a virtual assistant provides financial stability and the chance to leverage your skills outside the classroom. It’s a rewarding way to expand your income and contribute to your professional growth.

Try freelance writing as a side hustle

As a teacher, freelance writing can be an excellent side hustle option to consider. Here’s why:

  • Flexibility: With freelance writing, I can work on my own schedule, allowing me to balance my teaching commitments effectively.
  • Diverse Opportunities: There’s a wide range of freelance writing opportunities available, from educational content to blogs and articles on various topics. This diversity allows me to explore different areas of interest.
  • Skill Utilization: Freelance writing allows me to leverage my strong writing skills outside the classroom while earning extra income.
  • Remote Work: Most freelance writing gigs can be done remotely, providing me with the convenience of working from home.

Freelance writing platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer offer a plethora of writing opportunities. According to a survey on freelance writing rates in 2021, the average hourly rate for freelance writers is $21-$40.

By tapping into freelance writing as a side hustle, I can not only enhance my writing skills but also supplement my income effectively.

Offer transcription services

Transcription services are in high demand due to the limitations of automatic transcription software. With a good computer and basic tools, you can provide legal, medical, podcast, and interview transcriptions.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • High demand: Legal, medical, podcast, and interview transcriptions are all in need of more assistance.
  • Tools: A good computer and basic tools can significantly increase productivity.
  • Flexibility: Offering transcription services provides flexibility in terms of working hours and workload.

The average hourly rate for transcription services varies based on experience and specialization.

Providing transcription services can be a flexible and profitable side hustle for teachers looking to supplement their income.

Become a website tester

When exploring side hustles for teachers, becoming a website tester can be a lucrative option. As a website tester, you provide valuable feedback to companies on user experience and functionality. Here are key points to consider:

  • Flexibility: You can choose when to take on testing assignments, fitting them around your teaching schedule.
  • Average Earnings: Website testers can earn around $10 to $20 per test, with each test taking about 20 minutes to an hour.
  • Skills Required: Basic computer skills and the ability to provide insightful feedback are essential.
  • Platforms: Sign up on websites like UserTesting or Userlytics to start receiving testing opportunities.
  • Payment: Payments are usually made via PayPal, and some platforms offer additional incentives for thorough feedback.
  • Growth Potential: With experience, you may qualify for higher-paying and more complex testing opportunities.

By becoming a website tester, you can leverage your skills to earn extra income, all while honing your analytical abilities and contributing to the improvement of online platforms.

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Final Thoughts on Best Side Hustles for Teachers

Exploring side hustles like website testing can be a lucrative opportunity for teachers. With earnings ranging from $10 to $20 per test, this gig offers flexibility and a chance to enhance analytical skills. Platforms such as UserTesting or Userlytics provide ample testing opportunities, allowing me to contribute to online platform improvements while earning extra income.

As a teacher, this side hustle not only supplements my earnings but also broadens my skill set. By providing valuable feedback on user experience and functionality, I can make a meaningful impact in the digital world. Consider website testing as a viable side hustle option to diversify your income streams and sharpen your analytical abilities.

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