10 Most Expensive Stocks in India

MRF Shares always have the highest share price in India . MRF stock price has risen from Rs 2500 in 2006 to Rs 90000 in 2023

MRF Tyres

Stock Price - Rs 88717

stock price has given excellent returns ; from a level of Rs 400 odd in 2006 the stock price has reached a high of Rs 38,785 in 2023.

Page Industries

Stock Price - Rs 38785

Honeywell stock has done excellently well in the past; It was only Rs 600 in 2006 and it has touched a high of Rs 37,400 in 2023!


Stock Price - Rs 37400

Shree Cement stock has done excellently well in the past. The stock has risen from a level of Rs 500 in 2006 to a high of Rs 25,735 in 2023.

Shree Cement

Stock Price - Rs 25735

The stock has given outstanding returns in past decades. From a level of Rs 500 odd in 2006, the stock hit a high of Rs 22,196 in 2023.

3M India

Stock Price - Rs 22196

From a level of Rs 600 added in 2006, the Abbott India share price has hit a high of Rs 20,190 in 2023.

Abbott India

Stock Price - Rs 20190

Nestle India's share prices have given outstanding returns in the past. From a level of 600 odd in 2006, it made a high of Rs 19,002 in 2023.

Nestle India

Stock Price - Rs 19002

Bosch had a great run from 2006 till 2015, it went from Rs 2000 to Rs 25000 odd but since 2015 the share prices are not doing that well and currently at Rs 18,039

Bosch Limited

Stock Price - Rs 19002

Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited share price has been a consistent performer; it has rise from Rs 1000 in 2010 to Rs 15000 in 2023.


Stock Price - Rs 15000

The Lakshmi Machine Works Limited share price has increased from Rs 2000 in 2020 to Rs 14000 in 2023 giving stellar returns to its investors.


Stock Price - Rs 14000