List of top Pharma companies India in 2021

Top Pharma companies India

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak in India from 2020, All the Pharmaceutical companies in focus. Investors believe that the Pharmaceutical companies will have windfall gains because of the pandemic.

top Pharma companies India
top Pharma companies India

We have seen that the demand for Pharmaceutical stocks have gone higher than usual anticipating good revenue and profits. In this article let’s have a look at top Pharma companies India.

List of top Pharma companies India

Here is a list of top Pharma companies India

Company / StockStock Price52 wk high52 wk lowMarket Cap
in Cr
Sun Pharma645.7666.5434.25154925.06
Dr Reddys Labs5067.35514.653613.4584269.82
Cadila Health569.3605318.158281.67
Torrent Pharma2514.23040223242545.98
Abbott India15259.551856913970.132425.48
Laurus Labs491.1491.184.426352.54
Sanofi India7597.289997322.117496.82
Ajanta Pharma1863.151932.451283.116122.17
Suven Pharma542.35565139.3813806.33
JB Chemicals1405.21449539.5510859.68
Eris Life589.156444007999.52
Sequent Scienti290.1311.9573.557205.24
Orchid Pharma1528.72680186239.6
SOLARA ACTIVE P154016254395533.18
Advanced Enzyme449.2464.4135.35018.84
Caplin Labs512.46863073875.93
IOL Chemicals593.65898.4273.653485.05
Indoco Remedies322.8348.11902974.61
Marksans Pharma71.277.7518.052914.31
Unichem Labs328.5360121.62312.83
Amrutanjan Heal6256603211826.91
Novartis India640.6770538.051581.69
Suven Life Sci97.95115.830.451246.73
Gufic Bio134.8146.3550.451049.15
Fermenta Bio314.15442218924.57
Bajaj Healthcar583.05600238.05804.56
Take Solutions51.666.9538.35763.34
Anuh Pharma140.35218.770703.32
Lincoln Pharma289.5305.1140.8579
Ind-Swift Labs78.3592.2519.75462.95
Venus Remedies340352.5542.8419.63
Themis Medicare377424271.7346.4
Lasa Supergener78100.1530.55317.25
Smruthi Organic247.528028.08283.3
Zenotech Labs44.547.917.95271.59
Bharat Parenter397.9514186.25227.98
Mangalam Drugs136.7175.349.9216.37
Kimia Bio43.864.4519.65207.23
Brooks Labs83.0591.824.5205.16
Kilitch Drugs119.2138.578.25184.69
Fredun Pharmace408597146.6162.78
Coral Labs425.2444126.5151.91
Lyka Labs45.4545.4515130.4
Vikram Thermo191.122372.2119.85
Alpa Labs54.8573.1516.8115.41
Vanta Bioscienc161195.588.35101.62
Natural Capsule133.95151.541.383.49
Gennex Labs5.958.352.575.27
Denis Chem Lab50.361.630.0569.8
Kerala Ayur5482.74257
Panchsheel Org94.451084247.37
Godavari Drugs58.5567.9514.0644.09
Zenith Health6.9715.380.8937.46
Cian Healthcare14.3523.610.2533.52
DECIPHER LABS31.8541.9518.2532.17
Sandu Pharma42.652.51430.17
Concord Drugs28.644.9512.6525.01
Ortin Labs28.134.9510.522.85
Parnax Lab21.739.0514.718.46
Link Pharmachem34.8547.811.4115.48
Syschem India6.859.455.4414.76
Emmessar Biotec20.728.9910.4610.34
Ishita Drugs30.535.212.979.12
Aayush Food26.4572.9521.588.58
Guj Terce Labs9.5410.276.77.08
Colinz Labs13.616.14.86.22
Unjha Formula8.5410.265.313.83
Kabra Drugs44.752.671.76
List of top Pharma companies India

Overview of Pharma companies in India

Indian pharma company stocks had a dream run from 2009 till 2016. Most of the stock went 10x during this time. The S&P BSE Healthcare Index jumped almost six times in seven years in its previous bull run from 2009 to 2016. That gives a handsome CAGR of almost 30% in 7 years. However all pharma stocks started falling since 2016 due to various issues like US FDA approvals etc.

If you consider TCS/Infosys/Wipro etc to be tech hub for world then Indian pharma companies are phrama hub of the world. They have managed to consistently be leaders in the manufacturing of generic drugs both domestically and globally. Drugs manufactured in India goes to various developed economies such as the USA, UK and the EU.

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Like the software companies in India. , Indian pharma companies enjoy a cost advantage too, since the drugs manufactured are more affordable and help to reduce the ever-inflating healthcare budgets of the global economy.

The Indian pharma stocks were always seen as the best defensive bets because of their resilience in the time of recession as these companies are least impacted to any outside factors.

FAQ on Indian Pharma companies

Is Bharat Biotech stock listed in stock market?

No.Bharat Biotech stock is not listed in Indian stock market.
Ever since the story of COVAXIN being manufactured by Bharat Biotech ltd came to news , It created a huge interest in investors Community to invest in Bharat Biotech stock but unfortunately Bharat Biotech stock is not listed in Indian stock market.

Is Serum Institute of India Stock listed in stock market?

No. Serum Institute of India Stock is not listed in stock market.
Serum Institute of India is the manufacture for COVISHIELD and is the largest manufacturer of the vaccine in India. The interest for Serum Institute of India Stock price has gone manifold after the recent news of Indian govts rushing to give orders to the company.

Which pharma company is making COVID vaccine in India?

Bharat BiotechSerum Institute of IndiaZydus CadilaPanacea Biotec, Indian Immunologicals, Mynvax and Biological E are among the domestic Indian pharma firms working on the coronavirus vaccines in India.

As of May 2021, vaccines from only Bharat Biotech (COVISHIELD) and  Serum Institute of India (COVAXIN) are approved by the Indian Govt.

Which Pharma companies are going to benefit from COVID-19 pandemic?

While most of the Indian pharma companies going make decent profits from the pandemic related health expenses. It’s the vaccine manufacturers like Bharat Biotech ltd and Serum Institute of India may emerge as the 2 companies making most profit by producing vaccines at large scale.

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